Robotic Welding

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Katmex has a wide range of modern fabrication and assembly equipment available in-house alongside a team of over 15 highly skilled welders/fabricators and three robotic welding cells.

Over the past few years we have made substantial investments in the latest robotic welding technology as a way of improving our manufacturing speed, accuracy, and repeatability as well as minimising costs for our global customer base.

Benefits of Robotic Welding

Consistent Quality & Repeatability

Robotic welding cells have the capability to perform repeated operations for long periods of time whilst still providing a consistent level of quality. Especially for safety-critical parts, automation gives customers confidence that the quality of welds will be of the highest standard every time.

Reduced Waste

Consistent quality means there are little to no scrap/waste due to incorrect welds, something that is especially important when working on a high value job that needs to be turned around quickly.

Increased Product Manufacturing Flexibility

Robotic welding cells can weld 3 – 5 times faster than manual welders and they add flexibility to a production line. Once programmed, it can easily switch between processes meaning we are able to meet changes in product design or customer demand efficiently.

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