Oxy Fuel Cutting

Oxy Fuel Cutting icon

Multi-head simultaneous cutting capacity allowing the same programme to be cut across multiple plates at the same time.

Plate thickness (mm): Up to 200mm
Bed Size: Length : 30m x Width : 8m
Functionality: Straight cutting, multi-torch functionality (8 per machine)

Other Services

At Katmex we offer a wide range of services, and continually develop our process capabilities and capacities.

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Production Planning and Control

Upon receipt of a quotation request from a Customer our dedicated Production Planning department will utilise both our CAD CAM and ERP software to ensure that we provide a quote that is competitive and will produce the end product efficiently and with the least waste.

Our day to day manufacturing is controlled by our ERP software to ensure lead times are met, whilst controlling the capacity within our manufacturing processes.