ISO Certification

We are fully certified to ISO9001:2015 and audit our systems and processes regularly.

In order to achieve such excellence, we monitor our activities using an Quality Management System (QMS) which adheres to the requirements of ISO9001:2015.

Our employees work to the requirement of the QMS within every element of their role, and are encouraged to make suggestions that will help the company to improve its working processes and procedures.

Internal audits are carried out on an annual basis by our trained team, as well as monitoring performance through the production of monthly KPI’s.


It is the Policy of Katmex Limited to continually satisfy and exceed customers needs profitably, therefore ensuring the organisations future prosperity in the provision of profiling and fabrication services using steel plate, tube or sections.

To this end the organisation operate a documented Management System which will comply with all requirements where relevant in BS EN ISO 9001.

All staff are familiar with the Company Quality Management System which consists of a Management System Manual, Management Procedures and Working Instructions.

The Managing Director is responsible for ensuring that processes within the Quality Management System are established, implemented and maintained and will report on the performance of the system and any need for improvement at Monthly Business Plan Review Meetings.

Measurable objectives shall be defined with the intention of continually improving the System and enhancing customer satisfaction.

All employees are required to understand, implement and maintain the sections of the organisation’s Management System which relate to their discipline.

The Quality Policy has full support and commitment from all levels within the organisation and shall be reviewed by management, at least annually. The review shall ensure the Policy is continually suitable and appropriate to the context of the organisation.

The Quality Policy, including all updates and revisions, will be communicated to all employees to ensure it is understood by all levels within the organisation. Any external interested parties will be given a copy of the Policy upon request.